Ress Stackable

Ress Stackable

HVSAmp Home Energy Storage System Series



• HVSAmp Home Energy Storage System Series: With its modular design, the Multi-functional Energy Storage System offers endless possibilities.

• Customize the system to meet your specific needs by easily adding or removing energy storage units.

• Experience the freedom and control of managing your energy consumption with this state-of-the-art system.



• Integrated energy storage system, to meet the application of microgrid;

• Small size, flexible deployment, easy transportation and maintenance;

• With classification society certification, meet the requirements of sea transport;          • Unattended system, remote monitoring;

•Multiple configurations to meet different requirements;

•Complete certification and protection to meet the requirements of many national power grid


▏General Specifications

Model HVSAMP4850 HVSAMP48100 HVSAMP48200
Nominal energy(kWh) 5.12 10.24 15.36
Module Number 1~6pcs 1~6pcs 1~6pcs
Nominal voltage 51.2V
Chemistry LiFePO4
Operatingvoltagerange 40V-58.4V
Max discharge/discharge current 100A 200A 300A
Communication method CAN, RS485
ParallelsFunction 1P
Cycle life >6000Cycles
Operatingtemperaturerange Charging:0-55℃ Discharging:-20-55℃
Protection level IP20
Color white/customizable
Dimension 621×223.5×600 621×233.5×1057 621×233.5×1557
Weight 30kg/module 50kg/module 100kg/module
Installation Stack mounted/Floor type