Telecom ESS

Telecom Energy Storage Solutions


1.Multiple energy inputs such as photovoltaics, oil generators, and mains power cover the power supply needs of multiple scenarios

2.Modular design, the power module supports mixed insertion, and can support up to 32KW; supports indoor and outdoor standard rack/cabinet built-in installation

3.Support online monitoring(RS485/CAN) and maintenance, reducing maintenance costs

System Architecture Diagram

Faran telecom power solution effectively solve the power supply of different scenario of equipment in remote areas mains power or weak public power, power supply support more energy input and multiple output power supply system, support a mixture combination of old lead acid lithium battery, meet the demand old base station improvement, modular design is more convenient and quick for capacity expansion , easy to make the overall plan, better protect customer initial investment and the overall cost of ownership (TCO). 

Application Process

Faran telecom solution is is suitable for multiple application scenarios, in include new 5G station, old 2G/3G station upgrades, help to solve the insufficient capacity of the initial city power construction, the problem of battery reuse at the upgraded site, and the lack of space and heat dissipation capacity