UPS Solutions


1.High energy density, High discharge ratio, High cycle life.

2.19' Standard rack installation, fully matching rack UPS and server installation style, beautiful and flexible deployment

3.RS485 and CAN are supported for remote access to the cloud platform

System Architecture Diagram

Faran UPS lithium battery system adopt three-level architecture BMS, which is more safe and reliable;Designed with high energy density cells for small space occupation; Support intelligent management, with information query and historical data storage functions; With super long service life, the number of cycles is more than 4,000 times; The high temperature resistance features, help battery work well  without air conditioning cooling, saving costs;
Modular, light weight, easy to operate and maintain.

Application Process

Integrated intelligent battery management system, with intelligent monitoring and alarm protection functions as well as excellent safety performance and cycle life, the use of high rate square aluminum shell cell, very suitable for short-term standby power application scenarios, like data center, bank, hospital and etc.,