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Residential Energy

This system leverages advanced lithium-ion battery technology, featuring excellent energy density, long cycle life, and superior safety performance. Users can combine solar power generation, grid power, and the energy storage system to achieve energy self-sufficiency, significantly reducing electricity costs. The storage batteries can store surplus electricity generated during daily household activities and supply power when needed, particularly suitable for mitigating peak-hour energy consumption.

Industrial & Commercial​

Our Industrial & Commercial Energy Storage Solution can be integrated with on-site renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, enabling energy independence and reducing reliance on the utility grid. This solution also supports peak shaving and load shifting strategies, helping businesses minimize energy costs and optimize their energy consumption patterns.

Telecom ESS​

 These energy storage systems are suitable for various telecom applications, including base transceiver stations (BTS), data centers, and core network facilities. They provide a continuous and uninterrupted power supply, ensuring network availability and minimizing service disruptions caused by grid outages or power fluctuations.



This solution integrates high-energy-density lithium-ion batteries and intelligent control technologies, capable of automatically switching to backup power within a short time, ensuring the continuity of equipment and system operations. The UPS features a modular design, IP-rated protection, and remote monitoring capabilities, and can be widely applied in data centers, medical facilities, industrial production, and many other areas, minimizing economic losses caused by power failures.