Residential Energy

Residential Energy Storage System Solutions


1.Aiming at residential buildings and villas, we provide green electricity solutions integrating solar and storage

2.Solve the problem of power outages in households or remote areas

3.Reduce household electricity bills and start a zero-carbon home

System Architecture Diagram

Our Residential Energy Storage System integrates an intelligent battery management system, enabling remote monitoring and optimization of battery performance, as well as real-time power dispatch based on household loads. The accompanying energy management app provides users with comprehensive power consumption data and analysis, enabling precise energy control. Additionally, the system supports parallel capacity expansion, allowing convenient capacity upgrades as household power demands increase.

Application Process

Whether serving as an emergency power source to replace diesel generators or providing green energy storage for creating a zero-carbon smart home, our Residential Energy Storage System is the preferred choice. It not only saves costs for users but also contributes to reducing carbon emissions, fostering a more environmentally-friendly, intelligent, and efficient lifestyle.