Ress All in one

Ress All in one

Off-Grid Energy Storage Products



▏Intelligent Design

•All-in-one design, compact and elegant

•Easy to install and move

•Both PV and grid charge, fast and convenient.

•Peak-shaving mode, reduce the electricity bill.

▏High Reliability

•Integrate Max. 5.12kWh battery, long-time power supply.

•LFP battery cell technology, is safer than ever.

•Multiple protections, safe and reliable.


•Multi-purpose AC outlet, easy to use

•Multiple work modes, meet lots of scenarios

•Remote monitoring

•LCD display

▏General Specifications


Model UFox-Mini-30E UFox-Plus-30E UFox-Plus-35E UFox–Plus–50E
Rated voltage 51.2V
Voltage range 44.8~57.6V
Capacity 3.43kWh 5.12KWh
Max. discharge rate 1C
Max. charge rate 1C
Battery type Li-ion (LFP)
AC Output(Backup)
Rated power 3000W 3000W 3500W 5000W
Surge power 6000W,5s 6000W,5s 7000W,5s 10000W,5s
Rated output voltage 220/230/240V